Harbhajan Slaps Sreesanth

Oh, the joy! Cricinfo has the latest on the stunning Harbhajan-Sreesanth incident, which left the fiery fast bowler in tears. Two of the team’s biggest douchebags at each other’s throats: God bless you, IPL.

I wonder what all those people who talked about “national honor” during the Sydney Test will say now. “Regional pride,” anyone?

3 thoughts on “Harbhajan Slaps Sreesanth

  1. Regional pride who, Bhajji who is a Punjabi himself or the team?

    IPL is a mockery of cricket, not because it is T20. But because the way it is being run by Modi & Co.

    Bhajji should be banned and IPL should be passed on to the annals of cricket dustbin

  2. […] paid a great price for this cricketer since then. For one thing, he’s an arrogant jerk (slapping around Sreesanth; obnoxiously kissing batsmen goodbye when he — rarely — dismisses them; whining like a […]

  3. […] a classic Indian bully, acting all tough by slapping Sreesanth, or glaring at a bowler who accidentally tossed a beamer (which he, um, ducked), or yelling like a […]

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