Merging Identities

The most interesting element of the IPL remains its attempt to settle cricketers from different backgrounds and characters into one team. The idea is not completely new, and even international country teams offer a wide variety of cultural and racial characters within their ranks. Still, after the recent ugly spats between India and Australia (monkey talk, bastards, etc.), nothing was more heartening than to see Ricky Ponting embrace his Indian teammates during the opening match between Kolkata and Bangalore.

The first wicket was the pick of the lot. Watch below, at 4:04, when Ishant Sharma dislodges Rahul Dravid’s stumps with a nice yorker. The strangeness is nicely set up: Sharma has just dismissed the former Indian captain, and, while celebrating, Ricky Ponting — the same man whom Sharma ruined at Perth — jumps up and ruffles the tall boy’s hair. All ancient history, I suppose?


One thought on “Merging Identities

  1. Soulberry says:

    For us in India, unlike spectators accustomed to players from different nationalities playing for their teams in the county circuit, this was a new and enthralling experience.

    I know there are some who think there is a degree of misanthropy in it all, but for me it brought back the spirit of the game that was consigned to nostalgia under the modern rule s of spectatorship and discussion. I too was lost in those woods for a while…

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