Bowler’s Celebrations (Part II)

I wrote earlier about how enjoyable it is to see a bowler celebrate a wicket. It’s certainly an exciting ritual, especially because they come so rarely. Batsmen spends hours at the crease; they score boundary after boundary. But for a bowler, it’s just one moment that provides the climax (so to speak), and usually, it’s just as unique as their own action.

Fidel Edwards, for instance, has his trademark “now you see me, now you don’t” hand in front of his face. Cute.

Bu, again, it’s Ishant that does the trick for me. No special moves for him; no frantic paces. He just stands there, in the middle of some of the greatest cricket grounds of the world, and soaks in the applause. Arms outstretched, he’s at the center of it all. (My word, he really does get me hot and bothered!)


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