Chappell’s An Angry Man

Has Ian Chappell ever been happy about what’s going on in the cricket field? If he’s not angry about India leaving out Virender Sehwag, he’s ranting about Ponting or some Australian not moving quickly enough through the overs, or someone joking on the pitch and therefore easing the intensity of the match.

I would accept all his critiques as so much more armchair general sort of stuff, but Chappell always offers his tirades as common sense. He just doesn’t understand what these players are doing out there; don’t they know how to play cricket properly for God’s sake? It used to be charming at first, but sometimes I just want to grab the man by that mustache and tell him that there are a few greats who have come since he left the field, and some of them might even be better than he was in his time.


One thought on “Chappell’s An Angry Man

  1. Brad Griggs says:

    Iv’e had problems with Chapelli for some time.

    On one hand his commentating on captainy can be insightful. On the other he is a real chip on his shoulder grudge holder type.

    Look at his irrational hatred of Bradman and Steve Waugh.

    The Bradman fued goes back to his grandfather Vic Richardsons days.

    His criticism of Waugh revolves around Waugh’s change of character after he was dropped from the Aussie team. Chappell says Waugh became ‘selfish’. I would say ‘succesful’.

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