I’m Covered In Bees!

I was all prepared for another light blogging day, until I saw this surreal video of 15 men lying on the cricket ground, waiting for nature to pass them by. It’s almost abstract modern art, really:

As David Lloyd mentions during the incident, it’s clear that industrial capitalism hasn’t completely destroyed the animal kingdom yet in Sri Lanka, which, along with the beaches and sun, gives its cricket that much more charm. (Except, of course, when the bombs go off — that’s another matter.)

P.S. Have a look at Mont’s weird smile before he bowls — like only one side of his mouth seems to be working. Tricky fellow, him.


One thought on “I’m Covered In Bees!

  1. Scorpicity says:

    Bees, snakes and dogs :)… England sure is in a Jumanji game… Monty’s expression was priceless… it looks like he got stung on his backside.

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