ShahRukh Plays for India

I’m not a huge fan of Bollywood (and I absolutely hate it when white friends tell me that they “love” its films), but Shahrukh Khan has won me over of late with his charming cricket adoration (or “fannery,” as I call it). No matter where India is, Shahrukh Khan will be there: in South Africa, at the T20 tournament, or in Mumbai, during the recent match against Australia, or even at the Oval.

So, in his honor — and to ease your night — here’s a clip of my new “I must play this song repeatedly until I die” song of late. Enjoy:


One thought on “ShahRukh Plays for India

  1. […] following Shah Rukh Khan’s career of late will know what shrewd marketing ploys the man has employed to buttress his own popularity, showing up early and often to any location […]

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